Friday, 7 April 2017

Advice every teen should know.

-Treat others how you'd like to be treated yourself-
You'll never know what a person is feeling and how hard it is to get bullied and it can only lead to tears unless you treat people kindly.

-Crying doesn't make you weak-
You'll prob laugh about what you're crying about in 5 years. IDK about death...but It'll not seem as bad though.

-Respect your parents or whoever looks after you-
You'll need them in later life and show you're thankful.(plus you'd be parents one day)

-The only person you can truly trust is yourself-
Friends and family do let you down at times. Don't run to someone because you think it's easier, u'd be used and let down.

-Start loving yourself-
Only you can change you, if a bf or gf is trying to change you so much you don't feel you anymore, let them go. A true lover will love you for being yourself.

-Work hard at school-
At least to the point you pass exams. It will benefit you in life and easier to pass them when your young than years later.

-Don't party your dreams away-
Say you want to have a successful job in life, well it's not easy to get to the top if you party as much as you can. Balance school and social life. School should come first. If you got a big test coming up but, your friend invited you to a party...don't be shy to say "no I should study instead".
Always another party , but not really another exam.

-Life is too short to fret-
If you like a guy just tell him, the moment will otherwise pass and you'll never know if he likes you back....Pick friends wisely as if they give you too much grieve find new people to hang with.

-Create your own style-
Don't have to wear what your friends wear to fit in.
A true friend will like you wherever you go and whatever you wear. Wear clothes that suit you and not your social life.