Saturday, 3 October 2015

polyvore tip

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Rule number 1 of life

Rule #1 of life: Don't take life too seriously and base/judge your life based on other peoples.

This means have as much fun in life as you can. It's ok to do different things to people you know. It's great to go down your own path of happiness. 

Basing your life on what other people achieve and set out to live their life isn't healthy.
Thinking something on lines of "What has [insert name here] got that I don't to be able to get an amazing husband/partner", it's only going to make you feel bad.

Life is there to have fun with and enjoy. Not living in somebody else's shoes e.g. mother saying she wants you to do a profession like doctor. (a high up job when you rather be a singer for example).

Push yourself to achieve goals yes, but don't get angry or sad when you fail on hurdle. Many more hurdles to over come in years to come. No point fretting. No point wasting time crying about not succeeding at one path. Simply dust yourself down and either try again or try a different path.

Friday, 6 February 2015

I could really use a wish right now.

I wish, I wish, I wish

How many times have we wished something to change but nothing happened?

How many times have we made a wish and done nothing ourselves to get the wish?

How many times have you wished and it came true?

If you wish something to change  don't you have to do something about it.
Like you have to buy a lottery ticket to win the lottery.

Keep trying different things and eventually you'll get to where you want to be.
A wish can give you hope for the future and keep you dreaming of better things. It wont make sadness go away but, keep you souring on for better future.

Monday, 5 January 2015


It's a common issue with being shy, that people think you are unable to do a task well ( e.g. perform on stage) because they see you as quiet and shy.

Do the task anyway the best you can do it. 
Be brave and work hard to proof them wrong.

Just because people say no to you doing it or think you'd suck...don't let that put up a barrier. 
Some shy people go into a bubble and hide away when people out shine them. Try and pop the bubble by pushing yourself into activities.

Tell yourself "yes I can" when someone says you can't as your too shy. Every mean comment or expression given is a chance to make it into opposite reactions.

Calmly go about your day doing thing you're underestimated for. Don't speak out and say "I think you'll find I can do that" ...simple go and do the thing. Actions speak louder than words plus don't want to be laughed at for speaking up when shy people find speaking out hard.

Give yourself an achievable goal to get to. If someone says you can't join the debate team because you're too shy or be a leader of a group...then show them ways you can talk out.
Volunteer for activities that involve a good portion of it talking...e.g. in charity shop or handing out leaflets. (run for class president etc).


Never give up and take easy way out. Quitting means the underestimater wins and is right.

Get a friend to help you get better at the task you're underestimated for...or just to give you positive reinforcement to keep going...e.g. positive comment or give you a cookie when done well.

Do what you feel makes you happy. If you end up in tears then it's not right for you. Try enough to show the person you can succeed but not so you become sad by it. 

Stay happy and show the person who belittled you that their comment isn't getting to you and you aren't affected by it...even though you are inside. Your face should show you're happy, some people only wish to troll you and make you suffer for their happiness as shy people tend to be easy targets.