Monday, 22 September 2014

I put quotes on social media summing up how I feel about you. Wishing you'd get the hint that you're the one I dream of being with.
Rather than talking to you because I'm too shy to comprehend the matter and think the guy should make the first move.
Instead I post statuses and wear what I call awesome outfits with unique style to get your attention////while I lust over you. aww man.
At least I used too...until I found someone else and got over you.
Still think every once in a while what it be like if we got together. I just got to dream but, right now the new guy is awesome.

If you do post statuses about the person you wish to date and he/she isn't responding I suggest talking to them. Friendly conversation to start with. Just sitting back isn't going to get you anywhere...nowhere positive that is.
The longer you do nothing like talking to this person the more chance they will go and find another person to date. Right now they might like you back but because you do nothing to gain friendship they probably think you're not interested.

In short tag the person in the status...or be brave and chat to this person you dream to date.

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