Saturday, 16 August 2014

People are quick to judge?

It hurts when people are quick to blame you for something they don't really know who did it and say it is you for a petty reason.
Such as an account on a website being hacked and as you are the newest member they think you are the culprit.

People get judged so quickly these job interviews, the media, an outfit choice, the way you talk...all types of ways.
I wish people would get of their high horse and not cliche people up and stereotype and just get to know someone before they know if they are right for a situation or relationship (friend or more interment).


Society tells you to be yourself and for why? To have the world judge you for it. Real nonsense.
In my opinion I'd love it if people could be nicer to others and not ridicule others for slightest difference they may have from themselves.
Do people do that to make themselves feel better...sadly some they do it to try and fit in to social conventions....(whoever formed these I don't know).
E.g. who told us to be popular/successful you have to look and act a certain way...SOCIETY.

No two people are the same yet most of society try to squeeze you in a box and push you out the other side as cardboard clones.
People who are quick to judge you are infact the ones who can hurt you the most or do the opposite and make you strive for better and to prove them wrong. 

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